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Protecting your privacy is our priority. This section explains how any personal information we collect through this website ( will be treated. Since we're not lawyers, we’ll provide this information as simply and concisely as we can.

Who are we? is the website of Dr Alison Mayne. It serves as a point of contact for booking enquiries and communication about handcraft events, knit design and textiles research.

What information do we capture and where does it go?
We only receive information provided by you and sent through the contact form on this website and via the online store. This data is transmitted via email to a secure email address, access to which is restricted and password protected. This website and the email server receiving this information are hosted by Dreamhosts in their data centre near Portland, Oregon in the US.

Purchases through the online store allow you to make payments via Paypal. We receive Name, address and transaction information required to process your purchase, but do not retain it. We do not receive any payment card information.

We do not employ any third party services, or use tracking cookies, to collect information about visitors to the website (

How long do we keep your information?
We don’t set a particular time limit on storing information received through the contact form on our site as we cannot guarantee how quickly we will be able to respond to your enquiry. We are likely to retain your data until we are happy that your enquiry has been satisfied. Our guarantee to you is that emails generated via the contact form on this site are not retained any longer than is necessary in order to respond to your enquiry.

Do we share your information with other parties?
No, we do not share your information collected through the contact form on our website with any other parties. We are not animals.

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