Quiet designs for reflective makers

Many shawls were crafted during my PhD study. Easily transportable for long train journeys, knit and crochet kept me focused and provided a haven to still me if things got too much. Gradually, I began to sketch out ideas which inspired me.

The intention is to make these designs available over time through the Ravelry website, an online knit and crochet community.
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The research blog contains reflections on current reading and writing about creativity, wellbeing, textiles, social media and the place of independent yarn industry in Scotland. Links to publications are also available here.

Archived here are posts from my earlier Newbie Researcher and Recovered Threads blogs as I thought over the implications of making for wellbeing and navigating the PhD process.
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Alison Mayne is a researcher in handcraft, wellbeing, adoption and adaptation of social media platforms, everyday textiles and ethics in academic practice.

Her PhD - awarded in July 2018 - explored the different ways that amateur making in knit and crochet, crafted alone and shared on Facebook, could have implications for subjective perceptions of wellbeing.

Publications include selected proceedings, journal articles and a book chapter which reflect on aspects of her PhD study from ethics to digital community and challenging the dominant narrative in arts for health.

She has also spoken and written on representation of knit on Instagram, remaking historical C20th clothing, fashion in Spare Rib magazine and her own amateur textile practice.

Current work is focused on the affective properties of Scottish yarn and contemporary amateur makers’ relationship with small scale independent yarn businesses based in Scotland.


Ravelry Store: Knitrospective

Instagram: @Knitrospective

Twitter: @knittyphd

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Images by @Smizz - Used with permission.
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